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Can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner.
Hi everyone, I’m JR19759, real name James, and I’m a 19 (20 in January) year old university student studying music technology (recording and stuff like that) in Stafford, U.K. Well, I say studying, it bores me to death half the time.
I’ve been using heromachine since the advent of version 2. I never joined the UGO forums because I only started participating in challenges and stuff after the site had moved. My first contest was the Golden Age redesign contest (dunno the number) in which I was a finalist. I’ve been a finalist at least 6 times by my reckoning, but I my proudest moment (in relation to heromachine anyway) was when I drew with dblade and djuby on the 100th character contest, which is amazing considering how much better those two guys are with the program than I am.
I recently got picked up by a webcomics site through something I created on heromachine and posted on my deviantart page and now I’m producing my own comic for them (I think mcknight also got his own series with them as well), which is pretty cool.