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I’m D.E.S.K.Top668, please call me DESK or my real name (David/Dave.) I’ve been a Machinist since V1 was the only HM out there. I was an infrequent contributor to the UGO forums and hope there’s a few users who might know me from there. While I took a break from posting , I never stopped using HM or even took HM off my favorites.
Now I’ve spent some time exploring the latest HM, I hope to entertain you with a tale or two inspired by my HM characters.
A little about myself…I’m 44, have two kids (13 and 10,) one wife (14 years so far) who was the UGOer/HMer Boondock Saint..
I’m glad I finally joined and hope to learn to use HM better so I can give ya’ll my best.

Peace – DESK