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Heyla All!

My first post here in the forums. I’ve been using Hero Machine since around March. I actually started with Hero Machine 2.5. Then tried using HM3A, but was confused by the “singles” and multiples use. Then I decided to try again and have been making characters since. My first contest was the SODWA contest and from there I enter only the Character contest and some of the pop quizzes. Well, that’s my history for HM. LOL!

Thundersong is just one of the names I go by. My favorite name to use though, is Star-River. One day, I may just change my mundane name to Star-River. It was my “professional” name when I did Spiritual Counseling, which I have long retired from, though on occasion if asked, I will still do readings. I mostly now teach one on one the Spiritual techniques that I’ve learned for the past 25 past years. LOL! What else should you know about me? I live in the US, but Not of the contiguous 48 States. I LOVE reading (fav book: “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein), writing (not published, but in the process of writing a book) and drawing (badly), which is why I am glad I found HM!!! I also practice Shamanism or Earth Magick, though I am not a Wiccan nor Pagan, though Shamanism can be put under the umbrella term of Paganism. I collect Crystals, Rocks, Minerals. My Favorite is Hematite and Larimar. I actually collect anything that catches my fancy…LOL! I love most Music, my most favorite song is “Seasons in the Sun” by Terry Brooks. I mostly now watch…”Disney” shows…though Martial Arts movies also catch my eye (my fav show is “Brother Bea”). I think that’s enough for now? TMI??? If there is anything else you’d like to know, just ask!

Oh, btw…my avatar is named “Weeping Rain”. I like this character a Lot.