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I’m trying to put my characters into a single, cohesive universe. Not sure what to call this group. I came up with either Urban Soul Patrol or The Sisterhood. Any other suggestions? All welcome. The team members are, left to right: Liberty, Star Spangled Sister, Miss X and Basher. Though Miss X is the only member without superpowers or enhancements, she is the most experienced and the most feared member. Like a living sculpture, Liberty has a dense musculature, with a high concentration of copper, like her namesake, which is responsible for her skin color. Star Spangled Sister admired Miss X and trained in weapons and hand to hand combat to try and equal her hero. With training from Miss X and genetic enhancements from the Organisation, Triple S, as she is sometimes called has Level 2-5 superstrength, increased endurance and regenerative abilities. Basher is the youngest and most aggressive of the group. She also trained with Miss X in martial arts and boxing, and also had enhancements, courtesy of the Organisation. Similar in strength level to Triple S, Basher also has regenerative abilities; oddly though, whatever scars and bruises she had before her enhancements treatments have not healed. She uses this as a psychological edge in battle, appearing more vulnerable than she actually is.