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Professor Dwayne MacIntyre was born a dwarf, but thanks to very nurturing parents, never felt handicapped. What he lacked in stature, he more than made up for in intellect. A brilliant bio-physicist, he was recognized as one of the leaders in his field. Extensive experimentation with anabolic steroids and human growth hormones led him to make astounding advances beneficial to the medical field, particularly sports medicine. He discovered a way to make steroids safer without the increased rage and aggression side effects. After a great deal of experimentation on himself, he discovered a way to control the growth rate the drugs and hormones acted upon his body. Through extra work in bio-mechanics, he created his Mass Attuning eXo-suit, or M.AX. for short. After discovering the added benefits of increased strength and accelerated regenerative healing, he took on the persona of Big Man, becoming somewhat of a celebrity crime fighter. He has found himself being persued by the Organization For Meta-Human Affairs, in an effort to recruit him. He is leery of the Organization after seeing news accounts of the meta human known as Big Bitch, who went mad and rampaged through the city after volunteering for genetic enhancements, in the hopes of becoming a super-hero, and being turned into a 60 foot tall giantess.Big-Man.PNG