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Herr D

Yes, these new Amys are coming along well, including that one way back where you corrected the foot. (Sorry about being so long getting back.) A detail you may have missed: Arclight working out has a reflection, and that reflection of her back has a breast wrinkle on the dress. Now if she’s messing with light to the point of causing double images on human retina AND in cameras then it’s not a mistake. If double images only happen for cameras, then glass reflection oddities might be okay in bad or strobing fluorescent lighting or in the presence of odd chemicals. (Interesting plot point against a gas attack.) If double images only occur on human retina, then reflection oddities could only happen on wet surfaces or in puddles. –So, if you have the cameraman in the rain and the gym doesn’t change it’s bulbs– Laugh True artistry sometimes requires a truth table.