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Thanks, guys. Actually Vampy, that’s what I was going for; I wanted to have her gripping the cape holding it just off the floor, but I couldn’t find the right parts to make the cape. Livewyre’s pose is perfect for having the hands hold the cape, but I couldn’t find the parts he used; I don’t think they were actual cape parts. I used two re-sized dress parts to make the cape. And you’re right, the black outline on the cape looks better, much more dramatic. The parts that Livewyre used for the cape in his pose were a bit wider and had a more flowing look, covering more of her legs and countering that lopsided look. Thanks for pointing that out, Herr D. I was really trying to angle everything to match Live’s original pose. As to Amy, I didn’t size that one properly to give the impression of a midget/dwarf. I was concentrating much more on getting that back pose right. Here’s another one of Amy slightly re-proportioned. I hope the dwarf look comes across with this one.