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Next Crown of Reava member

Switch – Switch has the ability to ‘switch’ between just about any superpower instantaneously but can hold only one power at a time. But while he can only use one power at a time, Switch has become so good at the instantaneous switch that he can at times appear to be omnipotent. Super speed is his favorite power because of its versatility in ‘combos’ with other powers. In a crowd of wounded he could use super speed to run from one to another switching just for a split second to a healing power and then back to super speed and on to the next of the wounded, healing the whole room in seconds. For an added impact he could use a super speed to super strength combo. If he needs an answer on the go? Nothing a quick switch to super intelligence can fix. Super speed and intangibility allows him to travel in a straight line to get to a place in a minimum amount of time without having to worry about anything getting in the way. The possibilities are endless for Switch. While there is no official leader of The Crown, Switch is the public face of the group.