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@Hammerknight: Haha, I see what you did there.

Next Body of Justice member: Heart Girl.


Bio: Kelly Hawthorne was an intern under Dr. Chase prior to his accident. While looking through the doctor’s notes prior to his restoration, Kelly was fascinated by one of his theories on human adrenaline production and was inspired to test it out herself. Due to her lack of experience, however, the experiment backfired, giving her superpowers in the process. Upon returning and discovering his intern’s newfound abilities, Dr. Chase (now calling himself The Brain) assigned her the costumed persona of Heart Girl and made her the first official member of the Body of Justice.

Personality: Heart Girl often sports a sarcastic sense of humor, frequently ridiculing The Brain’s cornball sensibilities and his decision to present the group like cheesy Silver Age comics characters. Despite this, she is fiercely loyal to him and is often the first to come to his aid in combat.

Powers: Super-strength, flight, energy projection