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Vibra. Sonic powers. Member of Redeemed.

Vicious. Brooke Hill. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.

Vigil. Jasmine Wheeler. Deaf martial artist and expert with swords.

Violet. Violet Tyler. Member of the Squadron Prime. Best friend of Flurry. Love interest of Darkbird, who does not know his deceased wife has been resurrected as Mercy.

Vixen. Gina Graham. Member of the Sisterhood of the Shadow. Sister of Miss Independence, whom she hates.

Vocal. Angela Low. Telepathic speech.

Wake. Another of these mysterious Elementals. Controls water. Who are they? Where do they come from? Are there more of them? Are they friend or foe? What do they want?

Warbound. Jeremiah Battle. An expert swordsman and fighter. Former mercenary. Member of the Redeemed.

Wildbird. Erica Mendez. Older sister to Eagless.