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Typhos. Randal Washington. Member of the Squadron Prime. Engaged to Redstreak. Typhokinesis, which is the manipulation of smoke.

Ultra. Christa Ales. Strength, flight, super speed and endurance. Leader of New Force.

Union Jill. Jillian Tate. From Manchester, England. A premiere fighter and martial artist, Jillian was recruited to represent Her Majesty in the Global Girls. Although she will always be a loyal subject of the throne, she has grown fond of her new home at GG headquarters in Houston, particularly the men. Of all the Girls, she’s the more amorous one. She is an expert with a sword as well. Mutual attraction to Kubernan of the Squadron Prime.

Uplink. Maria Steen. Cybernetic enhancements that allow for the construction of any technological weapon downloaded into the brain, computerized targeting system, self-repairing bionic limbs and damage resistance.

Valhalla. Rena Clark. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.

Vanguard. Jessica Mason. Member of the Squadron Prime. Sister to Guardsman. Best friend of Lady Luck. Secret relationship to the mysterious thief, Bandit, whom her brother dislikes.

Varen. Ingrid Olson. A member of the Global Girls representing Sweden. Rapid cell regeneration with the ability to heal others as well as control the rate of aging of herself and others. What the rest of the Global Girls don’t know is that she is actually approximately 1,000 years old, having been born in the era of the Vikings.

Vermin. Scott Bowers. A former Army Ranger. He used his initial mutation of heightened senses to his advantage to become a skilled tracker. It wasn’t until his secondary mutation activated that he found himself becoming more and more rat like and went M.I.A. from the Army. He was later found by Nightmare living in the sewers of New York City and has become a member of Nightmare’s “Freakshow.”