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It worked! There was a large energy signal from across town similar to that of the one at Alice’s Home. Zooming in on the signature Marauder found that it was a shipyard across town where they were keeping Tech. The taste of victory however was short lived as a video link began between Ice and her companions and the man who kidnapped Tech. There on the screen was the brain floating in the jar connected to the large metal suit.
“Guten Tag” The Titanium brain said over the video.
“Alexander.” Marauder responded.
“I see you have found my location by tracking Techs Belt. This is True yes?” Titanium brain asked.
“Damn right you Nazi Mother-” Cap said but was soon interrupted by the brain.
“I VAS NOT TALKING TO YOU!” The brain shouted in what appeared to be anger.
“Occam’s…razor Ice.” A voice from behind the Brain said.
“Vhat vas that?” The brain said as he revealed Tech.
“Scorched ground Protocol” Tech said again as the brain shouted for men to take him away.
Silence fell over both sides of the screen. Ice had heard what he said and was thinking about what it could mean. Was it a clue as to the password and if so what did it mean.
Suddenly alarms began going off and the doors to the exits slammed shut. Something had happened and not one of the hero’s liked it.
“Now I believe I have hacked into Techs computer and naturally set zhe Self-destruct mechanism on. Oh how Clumsy. Enjoy your deaths Heroe’s. Auf Wiedersehen!” He said signing off.
Panic came over the heroes as Marauder opened the folder Plan 625. This place was going to be their tomb if they did not activate the code.
“God Damnit Omega!” Cap said as he punched Omega.
“This is all your damn fault! If we die I’m never talking to you again!” He said sounding rather childish.
Marauder typed ‘Occam’s Razor’ into the computer hoping it was the right password.
“Access Denied.” The computer responded.
Raven pushing Marauder aside started typing. With only 30 seconds left according to the big clock on screen Ice continued to think. Raven typed “Tech” into the computer.
“Access Denied” The computer responded for a second time.
Suddenly Ice remembered a conversation both Tech and her a while back in regards to Occam’s razor. She flashbacked to the moment Tech found out who she was.
“I have a question. What’s Occam’s Razor?” she had asked.
“It’s a belief that states that in situations that have many different solutions the obvious answer is usually the correct one.”
Rushing over to the computer Ice began typing.
“What the hell are you doing?” Raven shouted as panic continued over the two fighting friends.
“Occam’s Razor means that in situations with many different solutions the obvious answer is usually the correct one!” Ice shouted at Raven
“I know that but what’s the obvious answer!” Raven shouted back.
Ice typed in the most obvious password she could think of. “Password”
“Access granted.” the computer said as the screen went blank.
Ice spun her chair around and smiled at Raven, Omega, Marauder and Capsule. The doors began to open and so did everything that was locked automatically from Techs console. Getting up from the chair, she shook her hips in pride towards the men whose asses she had just saved.
“If you ladies need me I’m going to get changed into my costume.” Ice said smiling at her fellow heroes with confidence.
“Why?” Omega asked getting to his feet.
“Well we are going to save Tech or…” Ice said smiling feeling the adrenaline rush through her body.
“Die trying” she said smiling.
Silence came over the men as Ice stood there in there in the doorway. They had all experienced so much over the last number of days and now was the time to show the world what they were made of. Cap broke the silence.
“I guess it’s time for us to take the stage. No more foreplay. This Nazi robot wants us to play rough and while I can’t speak for the rest of you I am in a good mood to give it to him.” Cap said to the group smiling.
“But let’s make this clear we are not gonna lay down and take it. We are gonna make the Kraut work for it!” Cap said lifting a cigarette to his lips and lighting it.
“Let’s go there and grind all his men down to a thin red paste.” Raven said smiling at the team.
“That’s showing me you have balls.” Ice said smiling as she felt something slap her ass.
“HEY!!” Expecting Omega she turned around to see a smiling Raven.
“Just in case I die” he said smiling at Ice.
Ice returned the smile to the flying pretty boy. The room began to fill with laughter for a moment. Marauder left the room amidst the laughter.
“That’s all your gonna get you know.” She said as she walked towards her room.
The men made sure Ice couldn’t hear them before they began talking again.
“There goes one hell of a girl” Cap said smoking his cigarette.
“That’s true. Far too good for the likes of any of us.” Omega said scratching his head.
“If she dies tonight we are no longer men. We are snivelling cowards. Condemned for hell.” Raven said coldly returning to his usual tone.
“Got that right.” Cap agreed finishing his cigarette.
“I’m not going to argue with ya Raven.” Omega said smiling.

Ice put on her costume and smiled at herself in the mirror. She picked up her blue lipstick and softly pressed it against her lips. Looking at her reflection she remembered everything that led up to this point. Raven breaking into her apartment, meeting Tech, fighting off those two bank robbers, meeting the other Superhero’s and fighting with them against the bad guys, Tech finding out who she was and finally meeting the brain. All led up from a single night getting high on morphine. She wondered if she could return to her old life after this, or was it even possible. She hoped it was. She still wanted to be Ice and perhaps take this on full time. Jesus she had come a long way. If you asked her back when she started doing this ‘would you do it full time’? She would have told you to take your opinion and shove somewhere where it matters. Of course now it was different. She was different.
Finishing her make-up Ice readied herself for the battle ahead. Picking up her motorcycle helmet she walked out to meet the guys at the entrance.