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Silence filled the room. Ice and the other heroes stood staring at the face of the Marauder. Removing his cloak and setting it down next to his mask, he walked closer to the group. He looked like he could be Tech brother or even his twin. The only problem was that this man clearly was raised in South Africa due to his accent, while Tech spoke with a more intellectual American accent. This was getting really damn weird. And Ice thought that the weirdest part of today was going to be talking to a brain in a jar. The silence was finally broken by Cap.
“Okay! What the Hell is going on?” Cap said towards the group.
“Shut up Capsule!” Raven said as he removed his own mask.
Raven was a rather handsome man. He was a little feminine looking which Ice found rather strange for someone who clearly had seen the worst of humanity. He actually looked like he belonged on the cover of the magazine she used to work for, Flamingo, rather than patrolling the skies and fighting crime. Something clearly had broken Raven in the past to cause him to become this man. It was at this moment that Ice realised that she knew nothing about her new friends, besides the fact that they were the good guys.
“My name is Tafari Maalouf. At least that is the name I was given after for the first few years of my life. However, the name I was given at birth was number three.” Tafari Maalouf said only to be interrupted by Capsule.
“Oh boo hoo! Get to the point!” Cap said removing his hat.
“I am getting to the point. During the cold war the leading scientists of the world came together in an attempt to make the perfect being. This was all kept a secret among the leaders and scientist’s that participated. Project Adam. The sperm cells were a mixture of several healthy, intelligent and great men that were paid a large amount for a small cup. Each fertilised egg was given a different compound labelled A-Z and then the eggs were placed into the female volunteers.” Marauder stated.
“That would mean there were 26 children born.” Raven said folding his arms.
“Actually, only 16 were born and some died shortly after their birth. In a way the offspring produced were siblings, but the experimentation didn’t stop at the birth. They children who survived were tested for five years to see what the effect of the substances had on the aging children. Some children found they had extraordinary abilities and then the bidding began. Each child was sold to the highest bidding country as weapons that had to be moulded. The cold war ended five years later rendering the project obsolete. The children were still weapons and needed to be taken care of. They had to be eliminated. Operation Pacifier was implemented and the slaughter of the remaining children began. There were some that survived however, by hiding and running from the soldiers. How many I cannot say. And that is where the story ends.”
“And what? You and Tech are survivors?” Ice said finally breaking her silence.
“Yes mam. We do not share the same mother, our abilities are not the same, and we were raised in different parts of the world but we are brothers.” He said his face scarred and familiar.
“So what’s the Titanium brain got to do with all this?” Ice asked causing the room to go silent again.
She realised that this was the first time she had mentioned Dr.Schwarz since she regained consciousness. The others didn’t seem to know the name, but she could see from the look on Marauders face that the name meant something.
“So he is alive.” Marauder said.
“Who is he? What does he want with Tech.?” Ice asked.
“Doctor Alexander Von Schwarz was the head scientist of the Adam project and unknown to the other men and women involved a former Nazi officer. He wanted to create the perfect race of beings to lead in the name of the Fuhrer. However, he was a victim of one of the children’s abilities and was confined to a small robotic suit for the rest of his days. I thought he was dead” Marauder said.
“There’s also a high chance he isn’t working alone, and has some form of a contingency plan if we find him and attempt to stop whatever he is planning.” Marauder stated opening up a map on the computer screen.
“So you’re saying he’s ready for us no matter what we do?” Omega asked.
“In simplistic terms. Yes.” Marauder answers.
“Wait…So we are dealing with clones and Nazi’s with super suits?!” Ice said feeling like she was part of a 80s B-Movie.
“Omega! How did you get me into this shit?” Cap shouted towards his friend rather frustrated.
“Hey! I didn’t see this coming. I was just doing a favour for Tech and now I’m part of this!” Omega shouted with fear.
“Why isn’t Alpha here!? He would know what do to!” Cap shouted looking around the room.
“Alpha is at home! Someone has to be patrolling Wave Valley!” Omega shouted.
“Would you two shut up?” Ice shouted sounding like a mother.
“You think Tech would want us to fight like this! No! We need to find him and stop whoever this psychopath is!” Ice continued taking control of the situation.
“And how are we going to do that?” Capsule said turning his attention towards Ice who was now getting up from the bed.
“I don’t know. But at least I’m going to try and not bitch like a bunch of teenage girls.” Ice said facing the group.
Cap voicing his opinion said “So what you’re gonna magically find Tech and then somehow…”
His opinion was quickly cut short by a fist. It wasn’t the fist of Raven, Ice, or Marauder, but the fist of Omega which sent Pill boy off his feet and to the ground in pain.
“What the hell was that for Asshole?” Cap shouted rage filling his eyes.
“Ice is trying! Unlike us she is trying to stop this guy and save Tech. It may not be the ideal situation but god damnit it is better than blaming everyone here….” Omega said offering a hand to Capsule.
“This is our life buddy. The life of capes, super powers and insane assholes who think their owed something.” Omega continued helping Cap up.
“So I say we stop acting like scared kids because daddy’s away ,and hunt this guy down and kick his ass!” Omega said trying to be inspiring and failing.
“Okay…”Cap said rubbing his nose.
“But not because of that speech. I’m only doing this because I wanna kick some Nazi ass!” Capsule said smiling at Omega.
“Such a strange set of friends.” Raven said shaking his head.
“Says the girly looking bird boy.” Ice said smiling at Raven.
Then for the first time that Ice knew him the Raven began laughing. This was her team and she had just been appointed their leader. Suddenly something came to Ices mind. Tech was the smartest guy on the planet, he would have obviously had a plan in place in case something like this was to happen.
“Guys! Has anyone checked to see if Tech left something behind for us in case this happened?” Ice asked.
The Marauders and Ravens eyes widened and they bolted out of the room towards Techs computer. Ice, Omega and Cap shared glances and quickly followed them.
“That’s a no then.” Ice said following the men.

Marauder was typing quickly on the computer searching for files or videos that would help them. He came across two folders that were labelled “Plan 652: Scorched ground” and “Teleportation Belt”. They attempted to open the folder “Plan 625” but ran into difficulty. A password was needed for access unfortunately. Ice watched as each of them tried to guess what the password could be. It would take years of research to find out what Tech would use as a password. Ice was so frustrated. She needed to find what was on the files.
“Let’s try the other folder. Maybe there’s a clue inside of it that could help us.” Capsule said.
Opening the other folder a video popped up of Tech using the belt Ice had seen him with earlier. He stated that it made him very sick after using it as a result of his matter being moved so fast that his body couldn’t take it. It was just a simple research video he was doing. But something he said caught Ice’s attention. The power of the belt was specific and therefore needed to be charged for a certain amount of time after usage.
“Guys!” Ice said as an idea came to her.
Pausing the video they all turned to face Ice. It was like someone was interrogating her now. The spotlight was on her.
“What if we look for traces of large energy sources in specific areas.” Ice said trying not to sound like an idiot.
“That…Might just work!” Marauder said as he got to work.