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“Hey Magma Mouth!” Ice shouted as she slowly walked down the stairs.
Ice wished she had come up with a better insult then “Magma mouth”, but she was in too tense a situation to really focus on what insults would be the best for this kind of situation. She gripped the bannister as Golem looked up at her with anger in his eyes and the brain in the suit motioned towards her. From what she saw the brain did not have any eyes, or any other organs in view besides his brain.
“Word through the grapevine is your looking for me. Any truth to that?” Ice said faking a smile as she looked down towards them.
“Oh I have been looking for you snow bitch.” He stated with a disturbing laugh.
“Yeah keep laughing rocky at least I’m not like a ken doll where it counts.” Ice said to the no longer laughing Golem.
“Oh such a smart mouth un this von” The brain in the suit shockingly said.
“Holy crap you can talk?” Ice said looking over at the brain.
“Oh Vhere are mien Manners?” The suit said with a chuckle.
“Dr. Alexander Von Schwarz. Now known as Ze Titanium Brain. Me und my associate’s do not vish for a fight…”He continued before being interrupted.
“YOU don’t want to fight. I want to burn this bitch to ash!” Golem said licking his lips.
Sighing Dr. Schwarz started typing something onto the monitor on his wrist. Suddenly the Golem began to scream in pain as even began to punch himself. His warped screams of agony caused filled the room. Ice took a few steps down the stairs towards the two.
“Now now Golem. Mien first rule vas do not act against me.” Dr.Schwarz said as he turned the knob on his wrist device.
“OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!” Golem screamed in pain as the good doctor started fidgeting with his wrist again.
“You vant me to stop?” He said as Golems screams grew louder and his movements began to mimic that of someone having a seizure.
“YES! PLEASE!!”He screamed in agony.
Dr. Schwarz pressed a button on the monitor and turned towards Ice who had made it to the ground floor. Golem suddenly stopped screaming and slowly rose to his feet looking ashamed.
“Now vhere vas I?” He said returning his attention to Ice.
“Oh yes..I vish for your employer’s location. Mr. Tech. As he can help with mien…situation.” He explained to Ice.
Ice didn’t like this guy. There was too many questions that needed answers about all this that she doubted the brain would answer. Concentrating, she was getting ready to freeze the now rambling Dr. Schwarz and his molten rock companion. Suddenly two metal tendrils erupted from the back of Dr. Schwarz suit and grabbed onto her arms dragging her towards him. Heat emitted from the tendril’s burning her hands and stalling the use of her powers.
“Now Now…vas that really necessary? Cryo Kenisis is impressive, this is true. BUT! You rely on it far too much. Now. If you do not help me I vill release golem on you and watch as he rips you apart piece by piece. Like a dog with bone.” Dr. Schwarz said as his tendrils began to twist Ice’s arms.
“I vonder vhat vould happen if I broke your arms?” He said as he continued to twist her arms and Ice began to shout in pain.
“You promised me the girl!” Golem shouted at the Titanium brain.
“Und I am in charge!” The brain said towards Golem. Ices screams now filled the room. She was powerless now. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pain she was now in.
“I have just dislocated your arms. Now…vhere is Mr. Tech?” Dr. Schwarz asked pulling Ice closer to where his face would be.
“HERE!” Tech said from the top of the stairs.
Tech looked weaker than he had earlier. Alice seemed to be helping him walk as they came down the stairs. Ice was now really pissed off at Tech. She had just gotten her arms dislocated defending the son of a bitch and now he gives himself up.
“Guten Tag Tech. You look vell.” Dr.Schwarz said dropping Ice as if she was a doll.
“I know what you want me for Schwarz. If I come with you…- cough-” Tech began only stopping to cough.
“If I come with you…You leave her alone.” Tech finished trying to keep face in front of the man bot.
“Deal!” Dr. Schwarz said folding his metallic arms.
Ice barely lifted her body off the ground and saw Tech weakly activating the teleportation device.
“TECH NO!” Ice screamed but was quickly silenced by the cold metal hand of Dr. Schwarz.
Everything went black as Ice fell unconscious.

Ice awoke to voices. Voices that she recognised almost instantly as Cap, Raven and Omega.
“Ice wake up!” Raven shouted.
Ice sprung up and noticed her joints were fine and realised that while she was out the guys must have used the nano-bots on her body to heal. Or they just re-located the joints.
“Hey guys…” Ice said smiling at the concerned men.
“Oh thank God! She’s awake.” Cap said in a rather rude manner.
“She has a name and the ability to freeze you” Ice said smiling at cap.
The family moment was quickly forgotten when the memory of where she had been beforehand quickly struck her. Tech wasn’t here!
“Where is Tech!” Ice shouted springing up from the table.
“That is a question we were hoping you would answer my dear.” The new voice entered the room.
“Who is that?” Ice asked watching the doorway.
“We met briefly. I am the Marauder” The gas mask wearing man said while entering the room.
“He can help us.” Raven said folding his arms at Ice.
“How?” Omega asked.
“Tech and I share a…link if you will.” The marauder said as if revealing a huge secret.
“What are you Twins?” Cap said laughing a little
“Actually in a way yes.” The marauder said.
Suddenly the room went quiet. The marauder removed his mask to reveal, under the brown hood and gas mask was a dark skinned man who looked almost identical to Tech.
“I suppose explanations are needed?” He said in a thick south African accent.