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“Okay Okay! Tech just wanted us to tell you we are taking over the patrol…Something about an attack on the east side.” Cap shouted as he left the house.
“We will see you later Ice” Omega said as he ran out after Cap.
Knowing the had left Mary walked down the stairs and saw her sister looking a little bewildered. Mary looked at Alice in her ‘I am so sorry’ look. Alice put down what Mary assumed was her new outfit and walked into the kitchen. She sat down and waited for Alice to return. She couldnt help but think how nice it was to see her raven black hair again. She liked her white hair but also liked her black hair. It was like that universal symbol of peace. White and Black. The symbols name escaped her but it didnt really matter. Alice came back into the room with some tea and scones on a tray. A sweet smell filled the room as the pastries and tea entered.
“Okay. Lets talk” Alice said as she sat across from Mary.
Ice began explaining everything that had happened to her in the last few days to her loving sister.

Before she knew it an hour had passed and she began to put back on the chemicals that changed her appearence, while still talking to her sister.
“Remember Bobby Regan? Cute guy. Asked you out all the time?” Alice said as their conversation topic had changed from vigilante antics to old times.
“Which one was he? The broken nose or the black eye?” Mary asked as her skin began to grow pale.
“Neither. Hes the one whose fingers you broke for kissing you” Alice said laughing.
“Oh yeah. Where is he these days?” Mary asked rubbing the cream into her skin and then spraying her hair.
“Hes the mayor.” Alice said laughing.
“How many women can say they made out with the mayor then broke his fingers?” Alice said as she looked at Mary.
“I feel so special” Mary flipped her hair to the side smileing at her sister.
Ice looked at her earpiece and realised it was off. Tech would be pissed off now because she was not answering him. That she could live with.Ice put on her new outfit and did a little twirl as the outfit fit her like a glove.
“Wow. Comfy”Ice said as she ran her hands down her body.
A feeling of unease came over her. Like all the good things that had happened today would be gone in the next five seconds.
“So-” Alice was cut off when the front wall had exploded and was now set on fire.

Alice screamed and bolted up the stairs in fear. Ice followed her not sure who was out there and what they wanted.
“IIIIIIIIIIICE!!” The warped voice shouted as it entered the room.
The voice was familiar and that scared Ice more then it should. The reason this scared her was if it was who she thought it was ,then Alice would be in great danger. Ice only noticed now that her headset was not off, but was burnt out by some kind of electric pulse. She was backed into a corner and there was none there to help her.Suddenly a flash of light appeared and Tech was there.
“Tech?” Ice said confused over the appearence of the Nerd.
“Ice-*BLURK*” He suddenly vomited in a familiar way.
“Tech!” Ice said looking at him as he pulled out a needle.
Injecting himself he got up slowly,but he still looked like he had been sick all day.
“How did you do that?” Ice asked the now heavily breathing Tech.
“I used a teleportation device so I could make it in time” Tech said looking at Ice.
“Who the hell are you!?” Alice said in fear.
“This is Tech. A friend.” Mary explained rubbing his back.
“Im her boss” Tech said.
“Still a smartass? Even when your chocking on your own tonsils?” Ice asked with a light smile before remembering what was happening.
Below a huge man covered in molten rock entered the living room, followed by a huge metal suit. Golem and some machine were attacking them.
“Im fine.*cough* We were set up. There were crimes set up across the city to isolate me.” He said looking down at the iron suit.
“Why the hell are they here!?” Ice asked feeling fear rise inside her body.
“Revenge and Information” Tech said and gulping he looked at Ice.
“We have to get out of here.” Tech said as he looked down at the two Monsters.
“Cant we use that device.” Alice asked looking at the sick Tech.
“It needs to recharge”Tech explained looking at Alice.
“Screw it.” Ice said and rose to her feet in view of the two men below.

Ladies and gentlemen the following are the winners of the first two rounds of my contest Interpretation of My characters. Scatman’s Omega and Herr D’s depiction of Ice getting sick. Great work from the both of them.