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“You got me a new outfit?” Ice said looking across the table at her sister who was now pouring their tea.
“No mask I see…” Mary said as what Alice said hit her.
“I told you your other outfit is a little too biker fetish so I thought combine Mary’s hard on for leather with some more traditional when it comes to heroes.” Alice said smiling as Mary looked at her ‘new’ clothes.
“How many heroes do you know besides me?” Mary said sipping her tea.
“Oh lots. The second I saw you guys on Tv I started researching some of them.” Alice said sounding like a teen pop stars biggest fan.
“Okay shoot. You have my interest.” Ice said as her sister was waiting for that response.
“Oh well there’s a guy over in a city just a little west of here calling himself Captain Solar…” She said smiling before continuing.
“Guess what his power is?” She said chuckling at her own joke.
Ice sat there unimpressed by her sisters joker.
“Oh fine be that way. There’s another guy from Silvetip Valley calling himself The Clock.” She said continuing her spouting of heroes she had looked up.
“I never understood why they call that huge city a Valley. Couldn’t they just call Silvertip City or something?” Ice said drinking her tea.
“Who cares?” Alice said as she looked at Ice.
“So I’m gonna wash some of those chemicals out now if you don’t mind. Ya know, so I don’t go too white after I put some new chemicals in.” Ice said as she finished her tea.
“Okay just don’t make a mess. I’ll get rid of these old clothes.” Alice said as she picked up Mary’s cup and walked towards the kitchen.

The warm water ran down her body as she turned the heat up and pulled out the chemical that would wash out her hair and skin colouring. It was reliving to wash out all the chemicals off her body for the first time in a long time.As water rained down onto her body she noticed some of the wounds the nano machines must have missed. She sighed as she realised that she was still no closer to finding Samantha’s killer and clearing her own name. Any lesser woman would curl up in a ball and cry to herself until she would decide to seek help from some help from the authorities. She was not like any other woman though. Her body went from a snow white to a pale peach colour and her hair went from silver to raven black all within the thirty minutes she had spent in the shower. She stepped out of the shower and rubbed the steam covered mirror with her hand. Ice’s face had disappeared and the face that remained was that of Mary Crane. Mary sighed and looked at herself for a moment. This had been a good talk with her sister and she was now going to have to leave as soon as she washed in the new chemicals. The chemicals however could not be
put one for at least an hour or two after they had been washed out. She was tired and could use a day off. She wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out of the bathroom. As she approached the stairs she heard something from downstairs.
“Miss we are looking for our associate Ice” The deep voice recognisable voice said.
“I am not sure what you are talking about.” Alice said as she became nervous.
“Miss we are in no mood for lying as we know that is her bike outside and we dont want to have to get violent” The other voice said.
“Dont worry miss..he wont hurt you.” The first voice said.
“Who the hell are you guys?” Alice said as Mary listened in.
“Sorry Mam. I am Omega and this ‘gentlemen’ is Capsule” Omega said as Ice gave a sigh of relief.
“And I would rather not wait any…” Cap said before he was interrupted by Mary.
“The hell are you Idiots doing here?!” Mary shouted from the second floor.
“We came to tell you that Tech wants to talk to you” Omega shouted.
“Yeah! Get your ass down here!” Cap shouted following Omega’s words.
“I am naked Asshole!” Mary shouted.
“Even better” Cap said laughing at the joke he just made.
“I am gonna count to three. If you guys dont leave and let me get dressed Im gonna freeze you both to the ground and then shatter your legs into pieces!” Ice shouted as she waited for them to leave.
“1”She started.
“2”she continued.
“3”she ended and waited.