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Ice pulled on a shirt and looked at Omega with contempt. Closing the door behind him, he slowly approached her and took off his mask. For someone who acted as cocky as Omega he wasnt extremely handsome as one would have expected. He wasnt ugly either. Mary Cranes article “fans” which ranged from women aged fifteen to forthy would classify him as “Average” or “bland”. That being said he somehow had the confidence of a model. Ice wondered was he always as confident or did it come after he got his powers. The silence was broken when he spoke.
“So…you met Cap..” Omega said now maskless.
“Whose Cap?” Ice asked until it hit her he was talking about Capsule.
“Um…yeah..why did you take your mask..” Ice said confused as to his actions.
“I apologise for his actions and I am sure when the berserker effects wear off he will be sorry too” Omega explained.
“Berserker effects?” Ice asked questioning Omegas involvement.
“Yeah see…” Omega started.
“Earlier today I was checking out the city. Since Alpha went home I got none to have any…”He stopped for a minute and then continued.
“..Well not fun he’s kinda a boring know it all asshole… but I don’t have any companionship. So anyway I was beating the crap out of some thug who tried to rob an old lady when I look across the street and there’s Cap. I hadn’t seen him in about a year and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say Hi.” Omega went on before Ice cut in.
“How do you know Capsule?” Ice asked looking at Omega.
“Oh we met about a year ago in GridLine city. He and I teamed up for a while and became good friends as a result. He had to leave after a while and continue his search for whatever he’s looking for.” Omega said as he looked at Ice.
“But back to the story. So we got to talking and decided we would go have a few drinks. So after about the tenth round some redneck comes over and says ‘Hey freaks! Comic book shops three blocks away”. This of course pissed off Cap. he took two pills to out of his jacket and told me if he got any crappy power take care of the redneck. I agreed because at the time we were quite drunk. So he took the pills and he got the power of a berserker. In other words when he got angry his strength increased one hundred fold. So after the fight we came back here and I sobered up enough to stop him from killing you…” Omega finished looking at Ice
“Why?” Ice asked.
“My face was itchy” Omega said as he got up and walked towards the door.
“What?” Ice said annoyed.
Omega put on his mask and walked out the door leaving Ice on her own in the room. Her body still feeling extremely hot she fell back on the bed trying to get some sleep.