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G. W.

Herbir Eorg is the delegate to the intergalactic Congress for the invisible people of the planet Griffin. Little is known about Griffinian biology due to their invisibility. Due to their clothing shape and the occasional ability to see their light and dark spots in certain lighting, they appear to be generally humanoid. The planet Griffin is home to many large, wild beasts, and thus it is likely that the Griffinians developed their invisibility as a defense mechanism against predators. Griffinians, despite being known as a generally amicable people, are known for being rather reluctant to share details of their anatomy with outsiders, mostly because they think it’s fun to watch their confusion. However, they have made it clear that they can see each other perfectly fine, as they have a very well adapted sense of sight. Traditional Griffinian garments are much more subdued than what Eorg is wearing, but traveling Griffinians (such as ambassadors and politicians) often wear bright, garish colors (especially magenta, blue and gold, the colors of the Griffinian flag) in order to compensate for their typical lack of visibility.  Here, Eorg is shown on his home planet, shortly before departing for his first Intergalactic Congress meeting.

I originally experimented with much heavier armor for the character, before realizing that there was no real reason for a politician to be dressed for battle. I kept the gauntlets because they looked cool and added some color to a rather bland portion of the character, I kept the shoulder armor because I thought a touch of gold might help to make him seem a bit fancier. The gold metal armor under the top has both an out-of-universe reason and an in-universe justification. 1. Out of universe, I used the armor to give a reason for why we can’t see the back portions of his top. 2. In-Universe, the armor is a security measure against potential assassinations.

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