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G. W.

CDC Hero Team Insignia: The Advocates

“So, what do we call ourselves?” asked Mach 20.

“I’ve got it! Beacons of Hope,” said Beacon. Flare slapped him.

“Hmm,” said Achilla. “Do we have anything in common.”

“Not much,” admitted Totem. “We have no shared powers, no shared background. All we have in common is that we have great abilities, and we believe in using them to do the right thing. Though we are mighty, many are weak. We must help those who need us, in any way they might need. Not only must we fight crime, and the forces of nature, we must fight injustice in all its forms. We must assist those who can’t assist themselves. We must be their Advocates.”

The large hand offering itself to a smaller hand reaching for assistance represents the mighty advocates helping the “little guy.” The world map in the background represents the team’s global reach and background. I made this insignia using the headshot feature.

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