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G. W.

Forgot my username and the backstory:

The villains bickered amongst themselves. There were alliances within the group, but many of them simply did not like each other.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” said the approaching figure, feigning astonishment. “I am surprised at your manners!” The villains instantly recognized the distinct voice of Seth, remarkable more for its passionate, angry, and charismatic tone rather than for its rather common, generic sound.

“What is our mission?” asked Pinup.

“This is not a mission, per se, so much as an issue of… well, branding. They can’t very well cower in fear if they don’t know who’s attacking, can they?”

“I mean, they actually can…” said Mirrors.

“SILENCE!” bellowed Seth. “Anyway, we need an identity. A name to strike fear into all who hear it.” Guanlong and Pinup rolled their eyes, but the rest were utterly captivated by his passion. “We are on a quest. A quest to spread our agenda of anarchy! Therefore we shall be the Legion of Chaos! As for how to market ourselves, I have an idea for an insignia. Our mission is against society. And what better symbol for society than the archetypical city? The city, full of corruption, crime, homelessness, hunger. All of society’s evils within a single urban sprawl. And what better symbol for chaos than fire? Not wishing to shape things, simple to destroy, to revert them to their natural shapes. Not a force of society, but one of nature. Nine flames, nine of us. Nine legionaries!”

“Enough!” yelled Guanlong. “Some of us don’t care about your politics, Seth! Will I get the money!”

“Yes, of course you will! Don’t worry, all in due time. Now, is anyone a graphic designer? Nobody? Oh well, we’ll get there eventually.”

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