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Lady Amaranth

Thanks RobM!

Forgot to upload this weeks CDC #367 entry here too. CDC link:

Nakami Eiko

Nakami Eiko is the descendent of a long line of master assassins and ninja. In ancient times, her family was well known for being samurai slayers. They’d take their helms as trophies and wear them on their next hunt. In modern times, she works as an assassin for hire worldwide.

She has over time retrofitted her family’s traditional uniform with advanced alloys that make her sturdier yet still lightweight. This gives her a much needed edge when facing off against the world’s super humans. Her two favorite weapons are her grandfather’s katana and her custom sniper rifle.

Other: Nakami can be translated to “sword” or “blade” in English. And elements of her top were borrowed from one of Anarchangel’s characters so check out their thread if you haven’t yet. Cool stuff there.

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