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Here’s an idea I’ve been playing with for a few years, but have never been quite comfortable enough with to write a story for.  He is an old academic, specializing in history and politics.  A Greek man, who after “the event” found himself with incredibly powers…but never told anyone or used them.  His passion was for education, he is a professor, a teacher of students, and the life of a “super hero” was never anything he desired.  But, the times change, and being an expert of philosophy, he reasoned why someone with his abilities should use them rather than keep them secret.  Generally, he is a patient, pensive man who would rather rationalize with his opponent than fight them, but when the situation presents itself, he has no reservations to engage in hard brutality.  Able to turn his entire body into a super-dense, damn near indestructible marble like stone, he goes by the codename “the Aegis”…his name is Obelius Nicolau, “Obbie” to his friends…and you don’t want to be on his bad side.



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