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Working on a new villain squad…kinda in the vein of DC’s Suicide Squad or Marvel’s Thunderbolts.  Villains all, who have been forced into service for missions both secret and incredibly dangerous.  I’m calling them “the Sentence”…5 of the most dangerous and lethal people on the planet.  This is their leader in the field…Virgil, known as “the Chair”.  Virgil is a walking super conductor, able to control electricity, but not able to generate it.  The pack he where’s on his back is a compact, high-capacity battery linked to two regulators on his gloves which helps him focus the electrical current he can run through his body.  Although he stands at only 4’10, he is one of the most ruthless, brilliant, and dangerous people on the planet.  The only person he cares about is a younger, mentally handicapped brother named Zeke, who lives in a very expensive and well run assisted living home in their home state of Florida.  As long as the government takes care of Zeke and lets Virgil visit him from time to time, he will plan the missions and lead “the Sentence” in the field.  I give you, Virgil “the Chair” Spencer!!!



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