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Little is know about her…she just…appeared.  According to her story, she is from 70 years in the future, when the world is struggling to recover from the last world war.  WW 1 was fought in trenches with chemicals, WW II with tanks, planes, and nuclear weapons.  WW III was fought with superhumans, advanced technologies, gods, and magic.  A third of the world’s population was extinguished, countries and political structures gone, food, shelter, and safety are in short supply.  She was not born, but created.  A genetically grown artificial person, using the DNA of fallen warriors and the blood of gods to be the perfect conduit of magical energies used by spellcasters.  In short, she needs no amulet, helmet, or magic wand…she IS the wand.  I present to you, the orphan lost in a time not her own, ARCANA, and her first and closest friend, a rat terrier she adopted named Biggs.


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