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So here the plan for part 9/10 of The Le Mort Files.

It’s a multiparter, hopefully with a back ground.

From the view of Dominic while Emilie  and  Nicolella kick open the door to find the villain.
And some text, but that might be part 9 with this bit of Nicolella joining our duo.

and this part of things being discovered, and evil magics at work.

So the multiparter, on the left is Officer Alexopoulou, in blue and grey tiger strip camo.

but i’m trying to keep the central chest rig of ammo and militarized look to her.

Now as this is Progress of a design, i’ll admit that i raided this off printest.

Center, is well someone or some thing, im not sure yet.
But she bad news, the severed heart and skull belt might be a hint, and she’s color coordinated.

And right is the titular protagonist, Miss Emilie Le Mort, well her back side.
Probably going to put a car in front of her legs, maybe some more work on the jacket.


So that’s the plan, subject to change and laziness.