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CantDraw’s post disappeared? It says he made the latest post in this thread, but I can’t see anything. Weird.

Here’s a little picture series about my Heromachine ogre design was made.

Started with the body. It’s important to get the ogre’s body type right! Only a coward would make an ogre who is not big and fat and strong.

Arranged the ogre into a sitting pose. Like herding cats. Also gave him some fabulous hair.

Gave this guy some body hair (you gotta give ogres some body hair, regardless of gender, else why are you even making an ogre?), some fantastic accessories and even some clothes for taste. Also started color-coding the pieces for later.

Gave this boy an axe and pinkish hue. Ogres are fantasy creatures, make them look fantastical.

Removed the masking lines and made a campfire, some other adjustments. One major thing I did was changing the line colors for all items slightly, away from black and into slightly brighter territory. This gives the whole design a slightly softer feel.

Removed the pointless ankle guards and changed his hand position to emphasize his philosophical side. This dude is just a regular everyday normal ogre who likes talking and looking fabulous, not a warchief or anything. Sure, he’s got an axe, but it’s more of an accessory. If he wanted you dead, he’d just just eat your head.


Gave him a chest guard like the other ogre had. It’s neat and practical and you can hang pouches from it. Also, it makes him look a little less naked.

Made a background. It’s just you and him, talking in his cave. Super romantic.

<p style=”margin: 0px; font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, HelveticaNeue, Arial, sans-serif;”>Started working on the shading. The outside world needs to look really murky since it’s nighttime and it’s far out of focus.</p>

The fire shines really brightly on his body, so the shading’s got to reflect that, pun intended.

Here’s the final piece again. Added some big gradients to make the rest of the cave darker and the area around the fire a lot brighter.