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Lady Amaranth
Trinity Hearne

Trinity Hearne

I made Trinity for the CDC #329 Bite Me! The goal was to create an original vampire character. Trinity started as an old VTM gangrel character of mine. The story below was for the challenge. The actual campaign she was in was several years long and thus contains too many details to actually write down.

Character Design Challenge #329 – Bite Me! – Results

Trinity was always told that she descended from a long line of famous tenacious hunters and that the profession even birthed her family’s surname. Living in the modern age, she never suspected that she would ever have a reason to follow in her ancestor’s footsteps. However, through a series of traumatic events the way of the hunter became her calling.

As far as vampires go, Trinity is very young having only been inflicted for 7 years. She was a 24 year old college student the night she was turned when walking back to her dorm well past dark. The attack was as quick as it was vicious. In the before she could mutter a sound she was grabbed and pulled into an abandoned house. The monster wasted no time exposing her neck by pulling her hair and shoulder. It bit down with twin fangs. A hot liquid entered the wounds quickly rendering her paralyzed. The creature left after it thought it had drained her when in fact she was still barely hanging on. The process of turning was slow and excruciating. What lasted a few hours felt like an eternity of torment to Trinity.

When it was done she was frightened to discover what had happened to her. When she could move again she clawed at her silver necklace that now burned her and tossed it away. She knew of mythical monsters that drank blood and hunted at night but surely such things weren’t actually real. At home she quickly discovered that they in fact were when she went to was the blood away from her wounds to find she had no reflection.

Trinity acted quickly, taping her blackout curtains to the walls to ensure that no sunlight could make it in once dawn broke. She spent the rest of the night online looking for a cure or fix of some sort. Needless to say she found none. On one remote forum however she discovered her salvation. “Night stalkers” the group called themselves. They claimed to be a group of vampires turned vampire hunters. Intrigued Trinity lurked the site for hours learning the tools she would need to begin this new journey of hers. She contacted one of the members wanting to learn how to curb her growing hunger and to seek revenge upon the creatures that forced this curse upon her.

From then on Trinity lived up to her surname and trained to be one of the best vampire hunters in existence. She specializes in urban hunting and works restlessly to clear the dark alleyways of the monsters that lurk in the night.