Character Design Challenge #329 – Bite Me! – Results first things first. Photobucket is a nightmare. It is so riddled with ads that it has become almost impossible to traverse. It is ridiculously slow and incredibly frustrating. For future challenges please use a host site other than Photobucket to post your entries. Deviant Art or the HeroMachine forums for instance.

So now to the results....

Honourable mentions go to Владимир Самолин, Xinmodic and Barbario. Love the close up of Barbario's piece.


Runners up this week are Lady Amaranth and JR19759.

And the win this week goes out to...

Cliff! Wow!...just Wow! Well done you!

8 Responses to Character Design Challenge #329 – Bite Me! – Results

  1. Good works, guys. Am I imagining things, or have we never had a character riding a motorcycle get to honorable mention?

  2. Really the top three was a photo-finish…the win could have gone to any one of them.

  3. No more Photobucket? NOOOOOOOOO

  4. Xinmodic:
    No more Photobucket? NOOOOOOOOO

    You can of course post to Photobucket, just not for contest entries. It took me almost three hours this morning to get to view just one of your entries…never got to see the rest.

  5. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Congrats, Cliff.

    Good to see you, barbario!

    No more Photobucket? NOOOOOOOOO

    Photobucket has always been a poor hosting site because of the layers of ads and pop-ups. Also, Photobucket made a change to its Terms of Service. You have to go into your account to change your hosting so others can view your uploads.

  6. Avatar William Peterson

    Imageshack appears to still be around, as well… They can’t be much worse than what Photobucket has become…

  7. Lady Amaranth Lady Amaranth

    Congrats on the win Cliff! The face is fantastic as always. The background really ties in the theme aswell. I like how you made the lines white to show the lighting of the moon.

  8. djuby:

    really that doesnt seem fair 🙁 doubt i would have won anyways but ok ill try a new place