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Lady Amaranth

My two entries into the “NOT” Jedis and Siths CDC Contest:

They are also characters of mine from Knights of the Old Republic franchise both online and not.

Entry #1: “Warden” Iris Kryton


Warden Iris Kryton

Warden Iris Kryton

Iris Kryton was a former galactic bounty hunter. She and her gang of mercenaries made their name taking out the universe’s most dangerous criminals. They had a “kick in the door” style and a general disregard for public property. Still, for all their flaws they had a perfect contract completion record, and Iris always ensured that innocent bystanders never made it into the body count. She was perceived as emotionally hardened but not apathetic.

Such was her life until their last contract. She and her gang were tracking down a powerful “biotic” that was terrorizing colonies on some planet on the far rim of known space. They easily located the fugitive by following the trail of his destruction. The battle that ensued lasted for several hours, but Iris’s gang had finally cornered the biotic. In a final act of desperation, the fugitive started to channel the last of their power to turn themselves into a living bomb. While her team ran for cover, Iris noticed out of the corner of her eye a scared child hiding behind some rubble. She dashed toward the child, covering them with her own body. The biotic unleashed his energy in a massive wave. Suddenly, out of an intense desire to protect the child, something awoke inside Iris. A protective field of force covered them countering the biotic’s energy wave.

Once the rubble cleared she and the child were all who were left standing. After minutes of silence Iris heard wheezing nearby, “Miss…miss. Here.” Quickly approaching the sound she encountered an older man dying under the debris from a collapsed building. “You process… a growing power within you. If… if you do not seek the appropriate training… *wheeze* you will end up much like the man who did this… Head… *cough* head for the Tahl System.”

Iris heeded the man’s words. She took the child to the next settlement and then left for Tahl. Hidden on one of its planets she found a few spires sticking above the trees. The spires turned out to be a secret academy for individuals with biotic abilities. Upon explaining the former events, she was welcomed into the academy on the condition that she give up her bounty hunting ways. They told her that the academy helps those in need to keep a universal balance, not for profit. Iris accepted the terms and began her new life journey. She learned her new abilities with some difficulty and endless determination. Already being accustomed to heavy armor, she elected to join the Warden branch of the academy.

Having traded in her jet boots for biotic jumps and her plasma rifle for twin plasma sabers, she now travels the galaxy protecting the innocent. She kept the wrist rocket launchers though. Some problems are just best solved with pocket-sized explosives.
Entry #2: “Sage” Mirrage


Sage Mirrage

Sage Mirrage

Mirrage while human looking, was actually born to an off-shoot race that stemmed from humans. This race grew to become more in tune to the life force of the universe and are as such natural “biotics”. A unique adaptation of theirs is use of biotics to see the world and auras of living things around them instead of physical eyes.

Mirrage was an orphan left with in the care of an establishment for homeless children. At a young age her natural abilities started to manifest. She was reserved and didn’t really connect with any of the other kids. This left her with few friends and a long line of potential bullies. She proved to be more than a match the first time others attempted to push her around. The bully’s attempt to make her known as “no-eyes” got him launched across the play field 20ft.

The owners sought out aid with how to deal with such an usual and temperamental child. One woman they met in the town’s archives offered to take her to a place where they train individuals with such abilities. Having no other choice, the owners allowed the woman to take the child. As such Mirrage was taken to a secret academy in the Tahl System.

She excelled in her lessons and learned new techniques with ease. However, her mentors were given unease by her quick temperament. In instances when she became frustrated her powers would become wild and uncontrolled, and they sometimes lead to the injury of others. They tried many things to curb her anger. They forced her to engage in social activities to try to make friends and to attend meditation sessions. They even installed a red crystal into her plasma saber as a token of shame. Mirrage’s mental state remained yet unchanged.

Due to her inability to control herself, rumors began to circle about Mirrage potentially being exiled from the academy. Normally this would involve severing one’s connection to the life force of the universe. Realizing the inevitable future, Mirrage fled before a ruling on the subject could be made.

She now travels the galaxy fleeing the academy’s masters. She tries to use her abilities for good but her temperament leads to mixed results. Some know her as a bringer of justice, and others know her as an uncontrolled storm of destruction and death.