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Michael Chiarcos


You are definitely more artistic than I am but I don’t think you have fully realized all the tools available to you in HM3. I think you should begin really experimenting with layers and notice the difference it can make. When I have a concept in mind I always begin with a nude and put in as much detail as possible. It doesn’t matter that it will be covered up by a shirt, an insignia, a tattoo, or an aura. Details that I never imagined would show through, peek through the final image adding realism I missed.

If you look at my Amazon Princess, get a close look at her face. I chose one of the generic faces because of the expression it had fit my view. I then took a closer look and decided I didn’t want the face to have all one colour. I wanted a different colour for the eyes and the lips and the eyebrows didn’t match the hair, etc…

So I carefully layered the eyes I wanted over the existing ones. Now I could change the colour. I did the same with the lips and the eyebrows. It’s a small enough change, but it makes a big difference. The tattoo on her lower belly is mostly hidden by her loincloth but what does show adds dimension to her appearance.

A few Old Ideas, a Few New Ideas

Necros IX is another example. His face is probably about 9 layers with bits and pieces that didn’t really belong on his face maneuvered in to make him look horrific even though he is an Anti-Hero, not a true villain.

Behemouth is nothing but layers on layers on layers, look how he turned out

Just some ideas to think about.