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So… We meet again… Jei-God-zu <prepares for brain meltdown due to what great things he is about to comment on>

Yukito Arashi, just as JR said, is shining with that epic Yu-Gi-Oh hair style.
His hair is worth of it’s own comment section:

Highlights and shadows on his hair are just perfect.
How his hair is shaped is like 101% sugoi.
Jei-Hair-zu, teach us, mortals, how to be godly.

Okay, back to rest of Yukito.
He is like pulled straight out of Anime. Good job. Your style is just wonderful when it comes to that.
Great costume design. Not to armored for a mage, while chest-piece and cape give him that fantasy/magic style (also nice cape choice, fits wind mage really well)
Color-scheme of his is really interesting and fits him overall.
Part where cape connects with chest-piece also nice.

Nakano Gozen truly looks like one of these “goes to school and at the same time saves world and stuff” girls.
I admire way you did her Godly Armor of Female Protection (aka. strong-looking armor covering only ~50% of body with school-girl-skirt). Seriously, it’s really nice. Especialy liking torso-part and her shoes/boots/things on legs
Pose of her is just mindblowing. I have very hard time when it comes to non-standart pose, and you are nailing it like a boss.
Sweet hair. Truly gives image a feel like she is in the air, ready to strike something down with her sword.

Ps. (late) congratulations on being a college graduate now. It’s nice that you will be here now more often!

Solar Rainbow Iro Kenshi is so… so…
Okay, okay, i’m back. So, here’s the thing: i don’t know what to say.
First of all, background. It’s amazing. That cliff view of the sea is wonderful. Water and light effects in background are masterpiece in itself, + that climatic rainbow, sweet.

Character itself deserve it’s own anime. That determination in the eyes worth of main hero of the epic-story.
What he wears fits well for sword-fighting character. Colors and desing of what is on him are well picked and done.
Also, nice climatic bagde on his chest, rainbow’y
Sword is so, so, so… Sorry. Rainbow overdose almost came into me again.
Nice idea with heavy/durable glove for hand that holds sword.
Rainbow/shine/light effects of sword are flawless and wonderful.

Overall, everything you create in that anime’y style of yours in great. Unique, interesting and pleasing for the eye.
I wish you a lot of time to create, your very own section of Hall of Fame and whatever else you want. Just create more, you are godly at this
You inspire me to create with works of yours, and i bet there are more people inspired by looking and what you have done so far.

I wish i could have some better way to show you how much i admire your work, but that’s all i can do for now. Have a nice day and create something new quickly!