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Okay… so, I really need some help/suggestions on this one.  It started as a sketch, hence all of the crazy lines towards the bottom of the dress.  I think I got in over my head a bit, and I’m not sure how to progress.  It’s been sitting in this state for several weeks now.  The idea was to have the dress appear to be hanging in loops which then feed into the belt.  Not sure if the desired effect is starting to show?  I started out using ‘belt’ items for the dress, but after I added the male figure, I realized I could probably get a nicer effect using ‘cape’ pieces.  Ideas?

I essentially used the same ‘model’ as I did for Rydia.  I’m trying to focus more on costumes now, particularly atypical or unusual clothing; and I am developing a fascination for asymmetrical outfits as well.  Anyway, I will probably be using the same character as a mannequin of sorts for a while as I focus on playing around with designing outfits.  I’m also trying to focus on getting more *detail* into the clothes.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really like a lot of the default body parts for females in HM, which started me to make my own figures, which, in turn, led me to making more exact clothing… so, maybe me being picky led me to this.  lol.

Feedback (positive or negative) welcome!

Edit: Her left foot/calf is *killing me*  Not sure how to fix…  Also, the rings through the chest were inspired by one of the characters on Farscape.  😉

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