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Okay, so it took a while, but I think I may have actually *finished* a heromachine image(s)… I’m way too distractable. ¬†ūüôā

Here is Rydia, a character I have been working on (yes, I took the name from the old Final Fantasy IV game, which I played endlessly as a child). ¬†I included three versions. ¬†The one with the full background is the original. ¬†Then I tried to make it darker. ¬†Finally I decided to do without the background as it was getting too cluttered, IMO (and I still didn’t get it looking half as detailed as I had intended).

A few notes: 1) I imported the weapon as an afterthought from another image I made. ¬†Consequently, it refused to rotate properly and I had to drop a few layers that were being especially problematic. ¬†2) The pose was originally intended as a ‘mannequin’ of sorts that I could play dress-up with. ¬†lol. ¬†So… the pose doesn’t feel as natural as I would like, but, oh well. ¬†3) ¬†The style I was going for was more of an anime/manga style, but I’m still horrible with faces IMO, so hope I did okay? ¬†4) ¬†In this world that Rydia inhabits, metal is not reliable due to strong magnetic forces; that is why all the buckles, etc, are *white*; they are made of the strongest material available to her culture: bone.

As for the character, she is an assassin. ¬†Her typical ‘top’ would be more of a ‘gi’, but the whole image was getting saturated with black, so I took the liberty of giving her a more colorful outfit. ¬†The clothing is largely velvet (in fantasy stories, thieves and assassins are always dressed in leather, which is both reflective of light and loud/creaky, which doesn’t make sense to me; velvet absorbs light and is quiet by contrast). ¬†Her blade is a hollow glass poniard-style dagger. ¬†The hollow design allows it to perforate flesh more easily, while the slimness allows it to fit between armor chinks. ¬†The hollowness also speeds exsanguination much the way a hollow needle does. ¬†If she strikes a vital artery, her target can bleed out in 30-60 seconds. ¬†You can’t see in this version, but in the original design of the blade, there is a score mark about 1/3 of the way from the tip of the blade which allows the blade to be broken off in an opponent, keeping the wound open and leaving shards in them to further then chance of assassination. ¬†She can also coat her blades with anti-coagulants to exacerbate the effect and prolong bleeding. ¬†The glass blades ‘socket’ into the bone grip (also wound in black velvet), so they can be replaced after each fight. ¬†She keeps more wrapped in individual padded sheaths worn at the hip/thigh.

Ummm…. that’s about it, I guess?

Thoughts?  Critiques?

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