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Another rouge I had been working on, then kinda just left, but I returned to finish him off. He’s one of those pictures where you start off with the best of intentions, then you realise it’s not quite turning out how you want it, but you don’t want to just scrap it so you come back and finish it later. Though having said that I don’t think he turned out that bad in the end. The shading could have been better, but once you start you can’t really turn back.

Anyway on with the bio! Lewis James was your average kid (weren’t they all?), except he had heterochromia, except it wasn’t heterochromia in fact it turned out that his mismatched eyes and strange birthmark were actually the result of a seal placed on him at birth. The origin of the seal and reason for it are unknown and it probably has to do with whatever happened before he turned five (which is his earliest memory). Another result of the seal is his ability to create lifelike illusions. As long as those seeing the illusions believe that they are real then they will have substance and can do harm to others. He goes by the name of Hex and is quite the troublemaker.

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