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Back to the Futureverse! Two more rouges join the cast.

Glitch is an orphan who developed his powers at the age of eight. He is able to see data, as in he can see it flying through the air from phones to cell towers and such. He is therefore very good with electronics. From being able to see data strands he has been able to learn the language of machines and can essentially ‘talk’ to machines. Now ten he lives with Ghost, who he considers his kind of older brother.

But who’s the baby? I hear you ask………….no? I must be hearing things. Nevertheless I shall tell you anyway. Her name is Eve, she was abandoned, like Glitch, so when he found her he felt obliged to look after her – with Ghost’s help of course. Eve’s ability is a sort of ‘helping hand’, she is able to share the physical strain that using an ability has on a person by touching them. She basically makes their power stronger and is considered an amplifier.  In this picture she is wearing a *bunny* costume Glitch stole got for her.

Note: she was originally going to be a teenager, but the idea of a baby that amplifies powers getting thrown around in a battle from rouge to rouge, just seemed more fun.

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