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@Lef, headlessgeneral, Maverik1313, djuby, wolvie316, and wyldwarrior:  Thank you all!

:  wow, that really painted a picture 😀  Thank you!

:  Oh my!  Truly an honor to leave you speechless.

Jack:  Thank you, I always love your use of pics for reactions 🙂

@PMD Warrior:  Thank you so much!  Sorry about your laptop though 😀

:  Wow, such amazingly kind words.  I swear I nearly teared up a bit.  Art is and will always be a passion of mine, thank you so much for everything you said. 🙂

:  You just made my day, I really want my creations to contain that storytelling aspect.  Thank you so much!

@Delirious AL:  Thank you kindly!  I just saw your gallery grab and I had a similar reaction to all your amazing creations. 😀