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@ JR: well that’s what you get when you build a pose from the feet up. TBH I had no idea where to start.

I present you the stupervillain (not a typo) Deadbrain. When an injured parasitic alien creature fell from the sky, it needed a host to survive, so it chose whoever the unlucky fool is now masquerading around as Deadbrain. The parasite replaced the host’s brain and made a few genetic changes to its new host. Deadbrain’s bones are extraordinarily flexible and his skin can now absorb most impacts – like a rubber. The one and major downside however is that this particular alien species has never been to earth before and has never seen a human before, let alone know how to control one. As such Deadbrain is completely unpredictable. A prime example of this is when it thought a hand grenade was a small pineapple, you can imagine how that turned out. The alien’s agenda is unknown and so predicting Deadbrain’s movements is impossible.

Some say he slipped on some lost marbles while trying to fix a light with a screw loose, because it blew when the lights were on but no one was home. They stipulate that he wasn’t using the sharpest tool in the box and that he once tried to take some pencils back to a shop, but they refused because he was one pencil short of a box.


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