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As you can probably guess from my previous post, I am doing another version of Echo, thirty years older (approx 48 now) and only a little wiser.

24 years earlier: Echo had been waiting for 45 minutes before Silver Bullet turned up, but the look on her face unsettled him. “Is Violet alright” he asked anxiously.

“Yeah she’s fine.”

“Well then whats worrying you?”

” It’s A.E.G.I.S. They’re planning something horrible.”

“What is it? You have to tell me. We need to protect the city.”

“The city will be fine, It’s us that’s in danger.”

“Whaddaya mean?”

“It’s a bio weapon – project CERBERUS”

“Dewbert and Luna said it was just an experimental drug and the research wasn’t leading anywhere.”

“Look, all I know is that whatever it is, it’s designed to target ‘Gifted’ and kill them”

“Well we’ve got to stop it now!”

“We can’t it’s too late! They’re already producing it on a global scale, before too long it will be airbourne and we wont be able to stop it.”

“I have to go tell the others, we have to at least try and stop it.”

“No!” She violently grabbed his arm. “You go charging in there you put Violet in danger. You put our daughter in danger.”

“But the world’s in danger!”

“Just shut up and listen to me! I managed to sneak out enough vaccine for you. Unfortunately I had to sneak it out in one of my bullets, so I’m gonna have to shoot you.”


“Look, I’ll be ok they’ve vaccinated all their employees, but in case they find out I know, I need you alive. For Violet. For me!” She aimed her gun at his shoulder and readied the trigger. Just as she was going to fire, her bionic eye began glitch and it shorted out her brain. The gun fired, but at this point it was aimed at his eye, the bullet hit Echo and sent him flying backwards. He was knocked out by the impact. Sara was dead.

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