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Well now that I look at it the dossier format doesn’t look great, so I’m gonna stick with the ‘fresh from the machine’ images.

Sara Bryk (Pg.1) whilst working for A.E.G.I.S’ elite team, became pregnant and had a daughter – Violet. She might as well have been called ‘violent’ because at the age of five she was enrolled into the A.E.G.I.S training program where she was the most vicious pupil there. She had no discernible powers for the entirety of her training – until the last day. Sara, Silver Bullet, had been sent to converse with Echo of Cerberus, but she didn’t return, she was later found dead. Blaming Echo for her mothers death, Violet nick-named Deathblade due to her proficiency with a blade, vowed revenge.

In honor of her mother, Violet had Sara’s bionic eye implanted in her own skull , so that when she did eventually come face to face with Echo it would strike fear into his heart. The death of her mother changed her and she developed an ability known as rage. When she becomes enraged her strength and stamina increase drastically, but it does take its toll and she can only be enraged for a short time – after which she is physically exhausted and tired.

Twenty years later when A.E.G.I.S had re-emerged, Violet was heading up the elite team, with one goal, to destroy Echo once and for all. For Echo was the last survivor of Cerberus and had become a rouge in order to hide himself from A.E.G.I.S.

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