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So I was inspired by MadJack’s amazing creator’s club poster to create what I am goning to call the Futurverse.

What is the Futureverse? Well it is the same universe based around A.E.G.I.S but 40 years in the future. After A.E.G.I.S’ true purpose was revealed, the world’s governments disbanded A.E.G.I.S, but A.E.G.I.S never really dissapeared. A.E.G.I.S hid underground and continued to carry out its research. 27 years later A.E.G.I.S resurfaced and  its new Elite division, all but destroyed the presiding heroes. The last line of defense against A.E.G.I.S was the rouges. Gifted humans who had no apparent alignment. They then became A.E.G.I.S’ main priority to capture and ‘dispose’ of. With the number of rouges declining fast it is up to the few remaining rouges to stop A.E.G.I.S before it is too late.

So here is my first rouge: Volt

I also designed a dossier format which I think I will use with all the rouges but I would like some feedback on it.

EDIT: you can ignore the error I have fixed the problem.

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