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Nightmare opened his eyes. Not that you could tell for the ragged mask he wore on his face. He lifted himself off of his throne and walked towards the cage in the darkened corner of the room. The closer he got the louder the screams were from inside the cage. He crouched down next to the bars and stared in at the shuddering mess of a girl that was its inhabitant. “Today is your lucky day” he groaned. His voice was rough like a rock against sandpaper, “<i>We have an opening</i>” he grunted. He reached one hand into the cage and groped the back of the girls head, she screamed in terror , oh how he savored the screams. Fear gave him such energy, it made him feel alive, and he was good at it too. All he needed to do was touch someone and then he would be inside their head and he could make them relive their worst nightmares over and over.

He pulled the limp tear-sodden face close to the bars and peered into her hollow eyes, she stared back at the hollows in his mask where his eyes would be. “What’s your name?” he spoke, each word making her skin crawl, like they had physically burrowed their way under her skin. “Cassidy” she sobbed, her eyes sore from crying without tears. “Well Cassidy…” he seemed to laugh, and then all of a sudden his voice became very serious.

Welcome to Hell!”

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