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Thanks Viper! I try to give them more dynamic poses because I feel it gives them more personality.

Origin of Cerberus #2

Dr Luna Matthews, the head medical examiner at A.E.G.I.S, was in charge of post operation subjects. She mostly dealt with those who had implants to control the activation of the ‘Gene’. Whilst she was checking up on subject 24 she was prepping a needle of ‘Gene’ agent , to test  the subject’s implant, she squirted a tiny amount onto her face, she merely wiped it away as it was only dangerous if it had gotten into her blood, however one drop had landed just shy of her eye and began to absorb into her skin.

Luna made her way back to the laboratory where Dewbert was working. She was analyzing the readouts of subject 24’s tests. After taking some charts from the printer she made her way back to the desk, when she bumped Dewbert. As the vile fell, Luna could not believe what she had done, she closed her eyes and waited for impact. But there was no impact, the vile was floating mid-air, as if something was keeping it there. She smiled, but as she did so everything in the room began to shake and suddenly all the glassware exploded, the mouse cage even flew off the desk and hit Dewbert in the head.

“This is bad” she thought, once she had calmed down. Luna looked to Dewbert, he was beginning to grow in size and was starting to turn green. If they stayed they would both be experimented on, and that was not an option. She had to get him out of there, and she knew she did too. try as she might she could not lift Dewbert, she focused and suddenly he had become much lighter, like gravity was weaker. She was about to open the door when she noticed ‘Elite’ teams heading her way. Thinking fast she increased the weight* of the outer wall and it crumbled, she took Dewbert and ran.

When Dewbert finally came round, she explained everything, how she is able to alter the force of gravity and how he had become lizard like. Fearing they would be labeled as freaks or villains, they decided to form a super hero group which they named after the top secret experiment at A.E.G.I.S, CERBERUS.

*For those of you not familiar with physics, objects have both weight and mass. An object’s mass is measured in kilograms, whereas weight is measured in Newtons as it is the mass multiplied by the ambient force of gravity. I hope that’s not too complex.

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