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Experimenting with shading/highlighting.

Origin of CERBERUS #1

Dr Dewbert Lapton, a scientist who worked for A.E.G.I.S studying ‘the Gene’ in animals, specifically reptiles in Dewbert’s case. He had discovered that some of the various adaptations by reptiles were due to then being able to activate the Gene within themselves. Such adaptations included: camouflage, small stick hairs (for climbing walls), regenerative properties and many more. Dewbert believed he had isolated a combination of the various mutatuions of the Gene, his greatest achievement, but he wanted to test it before the great reveal. He was working in the labratory alongside Dr Luna Matthews, an expert geneticist, but they were focusing on different projects. Dewbert always had a soft spot for Luna but felt she would never like his thin nerdy appearance. When going to inject a sample of the serum into a mouse, Dewbert was bumped by Luna and dropped all of the serum. As it fell Dewbert lunged for it, but suddenly it began to float in the air, just off of the ground. Dewbert was stunned, but suddenly the vile began to shake uncontrollably and it exploded just in front of his face, sending shards of glass into Dewbert’s eyes and skin.

When Dewbert woke up he saw Luna staring at him, but he didn’t recognize the scenery, they appeared to be underground but how could that be? Luna explained evrything to Dewbert, and then broke the news to him. He had become lizard-like in appearance and had acquired all of the abilities that he had isolated form the various specimens. He was some sort of lizard man.


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