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Thanks Suleman, it did take a few attempts to achieve, though I probably could have done better.

Jace, a sixteen year old, was cycling through the wood at the base of the mountain that overlooked his home city. Since his father had started working on a secret project that he would not tell him about, he had no time for Jace, so he decided to go and practice his archery in the wood.  He proceeded up a rocky path that lead him up the mountain until it abruptly ended at an overlook that gave a great view of the city. Jace drew his bow and unsheathed an arrow, he readied the arrow and aimed at one of the targets, in the trees, that he’d hung earlier. He let go. The arrow whistled through the air and struck the target a few centimeters off center. “Yes” he muttered, he readied another arrow and fired again, “Bullseye!” he shouted. He fired at the targets three more times, each time hitting the center. By this time it was beginning to get dark, Jace readied one final arrow and was ready to fire, when, out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure cloaked all in black with a large walking stick, at least he thought it was a walking stick. Jace instantly and involuntarily swiveled to get a better look, but just as his bow was pointing at the figure he lost his grip and fired the arrow. The arrow hurtled through the sky towards it’s target, Jace’s face paled, the arrow hit the man directly in the head killing him instantly.

Jace hurriedly packed up his bow and cycled as fast as he could to his victim. He had never meant to shoot the man, it was an involuntary reaction, oh how he was in such trouble now. When he finally arrived at the corpse, he pulled back the cloak to reveal a pile of ash and his arrow, Jace could scarcely believe it, where was the body? He sighed, at least no body means no crime , he thought, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched. Careful not to show any guilt, in case he was being watched, he went to pick up the walking stick that had been thrown from the body and was now poking out from under a bush. When the tip of Jace’s finger touched the handle, he instantly blacked out.

He woke up, his head aching like nothing he had felt before, he thought this must be how a hangover felt. He started to sit up when he noticed the abundance of skull motifs and other Gothic paraphernalia cluttering the room. Suddenly he felt a chill and went to wrap his arms around himself when he noticed his hands were just bones, no skin, no muscle, nothing. He was scared now, he didn’t know where he was, what he was, or for that matter who he was. In fact he couldn’t remember anything at all.  He looked to the side-table next to the stone bed he had been laying on, there was a book entitled ‘The Reaper’s Manual’, he froze and came to the horrible conclusion  he was dead.

Well I was going to post the picture with this , but there’s more information that relates the the picture and I don’t want to make the post too long. So at some point later this week I will conclude this story.

P.S –  I’m curious if anyone can guess who Jace’s father is?