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WARNING long post ahead!

Happy New year everyone!

I am posting two characters with interlocking bio’s


At the age of fourteen, James and Robert, twins who were believed to have mild psychic powers were acquired by A.E.G.I.S scientists who wanted to discover the extent of their power. The tests started off very simply with one of them remembering a word or picture and trying to telepathically transmit it to the other, this had about a 50% success rate.  But then the tests got more severe, Robert was inflicted with increasing levels of pain to see if James could feel it – he could not. The tests had a very negative affect on Robert,  he began to develop dark horrible thoughts and started to hear voices telling him  to do terrible things, but throughout the pain he didn’t forget his selfish brother who got no pain inflicted, no bruises, no scars and didn’t even try to help him. James was horrified at what was happening to Robert he tried to help, but could not, although he could not feel Robert’s pain James could feel Robert’s anger and emotional pain – he tried to telepathically talk to Robert but his mind was to clouded with hate and suffering. Eventually Robert fell into a coma and the final stage of the tests began. Both Robert and James were hooked up to a machine that was designed to transfer the powers of one twin into the other, the machine worked but at a cost, Robert did not survive the experiment.

Eight years later and James escaped A.E.G.I.S to join up with a group who were trying to bring them down. The group also dealt with other villains, when A.E.G.I.S’ Elite team didn’t beat them there. One such villain was the ‘Cardiac Killer’, or so he was dubbed,  a masked villain who had two wrist mounted electrified blades which he used to penetrate either side of the heart and cause cardiac arrests. When James now under the name of (coming soon) finally came face to face with the ‘Cardiac Killer’ , he tried to telepathically control him, but he couldn’t control him, his mind was filled with hundreds of voices all saying terrible things, but then James heard something that made him shudder – “Help me James they’re hurting me! Help!” over and over. Could this really be Robert, but Robert was dead – or was he?

Congratulations if you made it this far! I know it’s a long story but I couldn’t  didn’t want to cut it down.


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