Character Design Challenge #496 – Two Great Tastes – Pirate Edition!

This week we are resurrecting the Two Great Tastes style contest where you take one genre and mix it with another. This week, your main theme is Pirates and you can mix that with any genre you like, whether it be Sci-fi, Fantasy, Superhero, Western, Martial Arts, Horror, Anime, whatever. The only extra rule is that you must include a skull and crossbones in your entry in some aspect, for obvious reasons.

Please follow the instructions below regarding the naming of entries.

Enter as often as you like.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. Please keep all submissions PG13: full or partial nudity is prohibited. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warning. Only post characters that have been created solely using Hero Machine, and that you know for certain have never been entered in a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.
All entries must be in JPG or PNG (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like, Image Shack, Deviant Art or whatever) Do not use Photobucket<.
Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name.
No copyrighted characters please – they will be deleted.
Please name your files before you upload it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png
Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this).

This contest will close on Sunday, May 30th at 10:00 am Eastern.

5 Responses to Character Design Challenge #496 – Two Great Tastes – Pirate Edition!

  1. Opie S. Teller says:

    That feeling when you’ve spent nearly 6 hours on a project only for it to bug out so you can’t even save what you had…
    I was going to edit it further, adding a top and a pistol, a peg-leg and a treasure chest, a background and foreground and everything… but alas, thar she blows.

  2. Watson Bradshaw says:

    thought I should mash up two of my favorite shows Bad Batch and pirates of Dark Water. I bring you the Bad Brood, interstellar pirates wanted on seven planets.

    Captain Jo Wyldes – charismatic, quick to temper with a mysterious past
    Dart Vesh – small, agile and attracted to anything shiny!
    Stanmore ‘Beastly’ Barrie – a large aquatic member who has enhanced strength from years of living deep in the oceans

  3. djuby says:

    Challenge closed. Results posted shortly.