YO, crew!

Have some spare time today (and probably the next day and next day after that...), so let's throw down.

How this goes:  You post a work of yours, finished or WIP, and then I (ams) will give you suggestions or tips on your work.  Just make sure that you only post pictures that are your own design and not any that are copyrighted or based off of copyrighted characters.


12 Responses to OPEN CRITIQUE DAY #38…

  1. Suleman says:

    Hmm, well, this is an older one, but I’d be interested in your opinions on this

  2. Scott Weyers says:

    OK, here’s one I did a bit ago. Overall I like it, but it seems stale (likely due to the pose)

  3. ams says:

    Hello, Suleman!

    Great pic! Your foundation for item selection and placement looks pretty tight. On the main character, I suggest to resize the left hand. It is large in perspective to his right. Also the left boot could be thinned a little. His trusty steed and background layout are well structured.

    I would experiment more with the shading on the metal horse. I think your shades overtake your highlights losing the metal effect. When I shade/highlight, I usually start with the bright highlights first then shade gradients are the top layers. Balance of both is key.
    Try not to go “outside the lines” on shading like as the legs/hooves for example. This flattens your image’s depth.

    Overall, strong character concept!

    Hope you are safe and well!

  4. ams says:

    Mr. Weyers!

    Pose and item selection work well.

    Play with the googles for his helmet. As it is a insect theme, resize them to “bulge” the sides to give a bee eye look. As his name is “Stinger”, really emphasize the power glow on his hands. Maybe a blue or cooler color? Draw your audience’s eyes right to them. I like the Maple Leaf background, but revisit the sizing. Edges are blending with your hero. Also, because you are using warm tones for you hero and background, place a white gradient large enough to slightly outline the body’s figure. This will add depth and separation.

    Awesome job! Stay Safe!


  5. Rekulhs Nathe says:
    Real Name: Jasmine Sanders
    Powers: Astral projection, Dream walking, Dream manipulation
    Origin: Jasmine suffers from vitiligo, feeling insecure about her appearance due to this became a shut in till she was fell in love online. Agreeing to meet him in person the two developed a strong relationship. It was like a dream to her, but it turned out the man was parrt of a terrorist group and manipulated Jasmine to press a button that killed hundreds. Jasmine took the fall for her crime and went to prison as the man escaped to the shadows. Now in prison she met an old woman that granted her strange powers. Now the only place she can feel free and repent is in her dreams.

  6. ams says:

    Sorry for the wait, Rekulhs. Sharing a computer with my son who is online learning for school due to the shut down.

    Nice usage of items for your concept. Long dress and hooded shawl mix the 2 elements of mysticism and the fact she is hiding her ailment. Other good items to get the effect for vitiligo can be found in the insignia items under shapes. (liquid splatters).

    Dream weaver staff ties in her abilities revolving around her dreaming abilities. I would raise her hand holding staff up above her waist to give the illusion of a bent arm. Maybe even reduce the size in comparison to her left.

    Not sold on the color choices with the bright orange. Purple and star pattern do work. If she is trying to hide herself, she would probably use darker or more muted tones.

    Overall, I think you have achieved your visual concept to her bio.

    Stay safe and cheers!

  7. DJDevilSugar says:

    Hi guys! I’m decided to bounce back into the community from a long time ago (like, 2011ish). Just wondering what are the long term plans for the tool since Adobe is going to be phasing out Flash?

  8. Brenden van Blerk says:

    Hi ams,

    Firstly i think your work is great, clearly a deft hand at work indeed!

    I starting using HeroMachine3 about 8 days ago (i was looking to make a Hero avatar for a training platform i joined) and since then have created 4 characters – very addicting indeed.

    I would love your feedback on Barrage (the second character i made – but the first i did the lighting and shading on).

    Here is the link to him – he also has a bit of bio and back story on there as well as an WIP shot.

    Thanks again for your time and look forward to hearing back when you have time.



  9. ams says:

    Hello, Brendan and welcome to the group!

    8 days in and your 4th pic looks like this? That is pretty awesome! I see you already have a good handle on the execution of the program. Let’s look at the details….

    Foundation is good with many accessory items. Looking at your pose, he looks a little top heavy. Maybe beef up his lower half to give more balance and weight distribution? Right hand looks a little unnatural with the way the gun is being held. Other than that, the figure looks pretty well balanced.

    Highlights look great for someone who just started. You must have a little bit of a art background(?) Next with the same pattern gradient item, introduce shading. This will really give your image more depth.

    Overall great piece and looking forward to seeing your next designs.


  10. ams says:

    Hello DJDevilSugar!

    Apologies for the late reply. There is a plan from Jeff to convert the program from Flash.
    The last I have heard he was slowly making progress and hopes for it to be completed for year’s end. His goal is not to have any disruption in service.

    Hope you are well and safe!


  11. ams says:

    …and this concludes this entry for OCD #38! (only a week late)

  12. Brenden van Blerk says:

    Thanks for the welcome and feedback ams!

    I appreciate the kind words and your observations are spot on – just cant get that right hand right (needs to rotate somehow – wish the program had a tilt and pan feature – ill keep plugging away).

    Ive just touched up my first one I made and ill it get loaded to DevArt over the weekend.

    Thanks again and i look forward to picking your brain again in the future.