Flash Support is Ending but HeroMachine Is NOT!

Hi folks! It's been a while since I posted anything, but since hardly a day goes by without someone asking me what the future of HeroMachine is given that support for Flash (the software HeroMachine is built with) will be ending in 2020, I thought I should give you an update.

This year I have been working with Ben, the developer who helped with the site migration a number of years ago, on a non-Flash version of HeroMachine 3 built with Javascript and PHP instead of Flash. Once complete, this version should work on all devices and browsers without needing Flash at all, including (in theory) iOS so you can Machine on the go.

We have a ways to go yet, but Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I hope to have something to show you all next month.

As for what will happen with older HeroMachine versions, I honestly don't have an answer yet. I don't plan on making a non-Flash version of those, though my hope is that someone will have a "non official" Flash player plugin available at some point that you can use in a browser so they'll just keep working. We'll see.

Thanks for sticking with me and best of luck in all your creative endeavors!

12 Responses to Flash Support is Ending but HeroMachine Is NOT!

  1. Cody Merrill says:

    I really appreciate all the work that’s being done for this

  2. CantDraw says:

    When I saw the message pop-up on Google recently, my first thought was “Oh no, what will happen to Heromachine?” even though I haven’t done anything in a while. I’m glad that you’re working on a non-Flash way to use Heromachine since I hope to return at some point.

  3. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    So a new version Heromachine, HM4!!!!!!

  4. Dave Blake says:

    I’ve been a fan for years and will continue to be a fan. You do great work!

  5. Herr D says:

    Thank you, Jeff and Ben! Was this Ben HASKINS or another Ben?

  6. ForgivenMonster says:

    I’m glad to see and appreciate there is work behind the scenes going on to ensure HeroMachine continues on. I use it all the time so I’d be bummed if it went away. Keep up the great work guys!

  7. The Atomic Punk says:

    Thank you, Jeff and Ben!

    I have been on hiatus for a long time. To the point of lurker status. It’s great to know that HeroMachine will still be here when inspiration strikes.

  8. ams says:

    Great to hear!

    Sorry for all the harassing 🙂


  9. Thundersong says:

    I was just thinking about this and was going to pose a question and I saw this. 🙂 One of those who migrated from HM2, so I would be so bummed if HM was gone. Thank You Jeff and Ben for creating HM from the start and all the work you are both doing now! 🙂

  10. Worf says:

    Thank you for the update Jeff. I can now “machine” in peace knowing the site will be up beyond next year. Hope everything is well with you and yours. Cheers!

  11. DarkOrion says:

    so glad to hear this
    hope you manage to work this all out
    i know there is a massive community of “Machiners” that would do all we can to help out if you need us

    im just getting back into my designing too
    i cant wait
    im currently updating all of my old characters to HM3
    and i cant wait to see any additional designs i can add after the update

  12. Funkmachine7 says:

    BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is a feature complete way of running the earlier 2 hero machines.
    Oh and a lot of other flash games too..