Caption Contest #125 Results

Ok guys, last week I asked you all to come up with the best replacement dialogue you can for this panel:

And here are your top 5:

Herr D: Upper: Pull the rip cord, they said! Lower: What could go WRONG, they said!

G.W.: Upper: I am Instantaneous Steroid Man! Lower: Cower in terror, for I have the power to blow up my limbs to horrifyingly unhealthy proportions!

G.W.: Upper: And for my next trick, Lower: I will make all realistic standards of anatomy disappear!

LoganGreyDarkholme: Upper: I’m sorry Lower: Am I “Bugging” you?

Katmir: Upper: Hot! Extreme! Violent! Lower: Whaddaya mean, I didn’t make the cut??

But there can only be one winner. And this weeks winner is...


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