Character Design Challenge #344 – What’s In A Name? – Results

This week, after much thought and contemplation, the win goes out to Cliff.

Great pose, great details, slightly confusing origin story, but great work! Well done you!

3 Responses to Character Design Challenge #344 – What’s In A Name? – Results

  1. cliff says:

    WOW! Thanks. Proves you don’t need highlighting or shading to win. My wife was hoping my Cupid would win being the most different from the others, plus she loves Harvey comics.
    Regarding the background it was getting real long, so I tried to go for a shorter version of it, and I was getting muddle headed, I’m glad it didn’t count against me. Thanks
    and well done everyone It was great having so many good pieces in the contest.

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    Nice variety of characters, Cliff! Your Harvey Comics-inspired Cupid was on-point.

    Drinkfluid: I like the use of items for your AI spaceship. Kind of “if Braniac and Mogo had a baby.”

    Christi S: Just wow! While the character does not readily say “Hi, I’m Red Halo,” she does say “don’t mess with me.” I love the back-lit effect.

  3. Herr D says:

    Good work, Cliff; good stuff, guys.